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 Transparent Governance

A. Notice of Awards, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract (FY 2020)


 2.Supply and Delivery of Seven(7) Footbridges Steel Stairs and Thirteen(13) waiting Sheds for Bus Stops along EDSA from Roxas Boulevard To Monumento

 3.Supply and Delivery of Various Tires and Batteries for the use of Motorcycle Units, under Traffic Discipline Office

 4.Rehabilitation of Existing Pedestrian Footbridge at Bicutan Interchange, Parañaque City

 5.Supply and Delivery of 7,960 Pcs. of Assorted Groceries for Christmas Give Away to MMDA Employees

  6.Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Metro Manila Solid Waste Management Masterplan (MMSWMP)

  7Supply and Delivery of Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials for the Periodic Maintenonce of Existing Truck Lanes and Motorcycle Lanes at Various Locations within Metro Manila

  8. Supply and Delivery of Various Construction Materials for the Construction of Bus Stop at MRT3/LRT1 and Footbridges along EDSA from Roxas Boulevard to Monumento for MMDA

  9. Proposed Trap of Water Hyacinth along Mouth of Laguna Lake

  10. Disinfection of MMDA Structures and Identified Government Facilities

  11. Supply and Delivery of Additional Requirements for Innovative Documents

  12. Supply and Delivery of Heavy Equipment for Clearing and Removal of Obstruction within Five Meters

  13. Procurement of One (1) lot Blowing and percussion Instrument for the use of MMDA Band-Public Affairs Office

  14.Supply and Delivery of One(1) Unit Projector for the use of Staff Development Division in the Conduct of in-House Training and Development Program of MMDA

  15.Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the repair of Various Pump House in KAMANAVA area

  16. Supply and Delivery of Two(2) Sets of Heavy Duty Steel Wire Rope with Safety for 40 Footer container van and two (2) sets of Heavy Duty Steel Wire Rope Sling for 20 Footer Container Van for the use of Road Emergency Group

  17. Supply and Delivery of Two (2) units of Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MVP)

  18. Supply and Delivery of various materials for the use of Public Safety Division for Uniform of Personnel during Operations

  19. Supply and Delivery of One (1) unit Heavy Duty Digital Multi Function Printer

  20. Supply and Delivery of One (1) Air Conditioning Unit and Five (5) Units Desktop Computer

  21. Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies to be used in Pasig River Ferry Stations

  22. Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting/Repair of MMDA Computers

  23Supply and Delivery of Various Construction Materials for the Fabrication of Filing Cabinet for 201 Files Office and Storage Room

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