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 Transparent Governance

A. Notice of Awards, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract (FY 2019)

  1. Design and Build Scheme for the Sewerage Interceptor and Treatment Plat at Baywalk Area, Manila

  2Procurement and Installation of CCTV CAmeras for MMDA No-Contact Apprehension Program to expand MMDA network Coverage in Traffic Monitoring and Safe Environment

  3Supply and Installation of New Elevator Unit at the MMDA Main Building

  4Supply and Delivery of Computers, Color Laser Jet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers and Office Tables with Drawers

  5. Supply, Delivery, Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Training of MMDRRMC Emergency Communication Network of Metro Manila Development Authority

  6Supply and Delivery of 353,470 Liters Automotive Diesel Fuel for the Various Pumping stations

  7Supply and Delivery of Four (4) Units Submersible Sewage and Waste Water Pump with Pump controller and Generator Set

  8Supply and Delivery of 8,000 Pcs. Various Grocery Items for Christmas Give Aways to MMDA Employees

        9Supply and Delivery of Various Computers and Printers for the use of Solid Waste Management Office (SWMO)

         10Supply and Delivery of 2,696 Pairs of Rainboots Rubber (Knee High) for the Use of Traffic Discipline Office Field Personnel

        10.  Supply and Delivery of 2,696 Sets of Raincoat (Jacket and Pants with MMDA Print for the Use of TDO Personnel)

11.  Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies for the Proposed Perimeter Fence and Baseco Compound Steel Fence Gate located at Baseco Beach Compund District I, Tondo Manila City

12.  Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the Repainting of Equipment, Pipings, Fuel Tanks and Auxiliries of various Pumping Stations

13.  Supply and Delivery of 8,000 pieces various Groceries Items-Give away for MMDA Anniversary

14.  Supply and Delivery of 500 pcs. Cast Iron Trench Grating Inlet

15.  Supply and Delivery of Materials for the Application of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings on Various Location within Metro Manila (as per request of Barangays, Local Government Units (LGUs), Schools, Balik Eskwela Program, Churches, Government Office and for Maintenance of Public Markets, Parks, Bike Lane and Roads) (in House Implementation)

16.  Supply and Delivery of Twelve (12) units Container Van (20 Footer) to be used as office and Storage of Materials facilities affected by the construction of New MMDA Office Building

16.  Procurement of six units Water Treatment and Purification System

17.  Supply and Delivery of Various Furniture & Fixture for the use of the Office of the Chairman

18.  Procurement of Road Safetty Facilities (Concrete Barrier)

19.  Supply and Delivery of Materials for the repair and repainting of Concrete Barrier

20.  Supply of materials for the Construction of Concrete Barrier (In-house-Implementation)

21.  Hiring of 223 Security Guards assigned to MMDA Offices, SWIPT, Pasig River Ferry Service, FCSMO and various field Offices

22.  Supply and Delivery, and Installation of Data Governance Solution for Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

23.  Procurement for the Supply and Delivery of One (1) Lot of Solid Waste Management Equipment Under the Metro Manila Flood Management Project

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