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 Transparent Governance

A. Notice of Awards, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract (FY 2018)

1.  Lot 3: Supply and Delivery of Uniforms for Medical and Dental Clinic, MMDA Band, TDO Division Chiefs and Asst. Division Chiefs(Enforment Unit), TDO Traffic Constable, Motorcycle Unit and Road Emergency Group

2.  Lot 2: Supply and Delivery of MMDA Uniforms for GASD, HPSEPO, Public Safety, Anti-Littering, Anti-Smoking, MSSO, MPCG Metro Aides, Foreman, Supervisors, ASBU, Flood Control Field Workers, Laborer, District/Plant Engineers, TEC, TED, SWMO and SCOG

3.  Lot 1: Supply and Delivery of Uniform for Directors, Division Chiefs, Asst. Division Chiefs and below

4. Supply and Delivery of Electrical Supplies & Materials for Improvement and Enhancement of Existing Videowall System (PhaseI)

5. Supply and Delivery of One (1) Lot Video Storage System to Expand the Existing Video Storage Capacity of CCTV Cameras from the Existing 30 days Storage Retention to 120 Days (90 Days Extended Storage)

6.  Procurement of Heavy Equipment and Engineering Tools Needed for Traffic Management Emergency Response and Sidewalk Clearing Operations

7.  Supply and Delivery of Reflectorized Stickers, Silk Screen Materials for Manufacturing of Various Traffic Road Signages and Materials for Traffic Road Facilities

8.  Supply and Delivery of one(1) unit Brand New Jackhammer with Compressor and one (1) unit Heacy Duty Conrete Cutter for the use of Traffic Engineering Center

9.  Supply and Delivery of various Heavy Equipment for the use of Traffic Engineering Center

10.  Supply and Delivery of Various Equipment and Materials for Additional Workstation and Network Nodes for No Contact Apprehension Office

11.  Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies  to Provide Personnel Protection in the Workplace

12.  Supply and Delivery of two(2) units Inflatable Rubber Boat for the use of Public Safety Division during Water Search and Rescue Operations

13.  Procurement of Construction Materials for Traffic Roadside Operations (Traffic paints, cement, gravel, sand, rebars, wiremesh fence, railings, steel plate, and etc.

14.  Supply and Delivery of Office Furnitures for various Offices

15.  Supply and Delivery of Endpoint Security Liscenses for the MMDA Servers and Endpoint Devices

16.  Supply and Delivery of 80,000.00 Liters Automotive Fuel for Continous Drainage Operation in Various Pumping Stations

17.  Supply and Delivery of various Construction Supplies for the Improvement of Kalamiong Creek, District II, Quezon City

18.  Supply and Delivery of 251 pairs Safety Shoes, 285 pairs Rubber Boots, 780 pcs. Raincoats, etc. for various Pumping Stations

19.  Supply and Installation of Innovative Document Tracking System fo MMDA

20.  Supply and Delivery of Various ICT Equipment Needed for the Implementation of Metro Manila Flood Management Project

21.  Supply and Delivery of Storage Servers for Non-Contact Apprehension (NCAP)

22.  Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Units Outdoor Lifter Vacuum, Turbo Diesel Engine 31-35 HP, minimum of 120 debris capacity for the use of Metro Parkway Clearing Group - HPSEPO

23.  Supply of Materials for Fabrication, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Road Signages and other Traffic Road Facilities (for Mabuhay Lane and per request of Barangays, LGUs, Schools, Churches, Government Offices, Non Government Institutionsand for Maintenance of Public Parks and Roads, including Special events like EDSA People Power, Black Nazarene Procession, State of the Nation Address (SONA) and etc.

24.  Supply and Delivery of one (1) Brand New Van Vehicle

25.  Feasibilty Study for the Safe Closure and Rehabilitation Plan of Carmona Sanitary Landfill

26.  Supply and materials of Aluminum Composite Panels for manufacturing of various Traffic Road Signages & Other Traffic Facilities

27.  Supply and Delivery of 24 pcs. Bypass Filter, 60 pcs. oil filter, 69 pcs. Fuel Filter, 3 Bypass Filter, etc. for Mitsubishi Engine Genset No. 1 & 2 Aviles Pumping Station and various Genset at different Pumping Station

28.  Rental of Vacuum Truck, Water Jet Truck, Closed Circuit Television Van and Boroscope

29.  Supply and Delivery of Equipment and Tools for REG, Lot 1: Equipment/Tools : Runs using Motor Pump ad Electric Pump

30.  Supply and Delivery of one(1) unit Brand New Pick-Up

31.  Supply and materials for the repair and repainting of concrete barriers (for periodic maintenance)

32.  Supply and delivery of 500 pcs. Cast Iron Trench Grating Inlet

33.  Supply and Installation of Road Safety Devices - Phase V

34.  Supply and Delivery of Thirty Five (35) units Motorcycle

35.  Supply and Delivery of one (1) Lot ICT Equipment/Software for the Computerization of the Payroll System with Integration to the Monitoring System and Personnel Information System

36.  Project Management Specialist for the Metro Manila Flood Management Project Phase I

37.  Hiring of 227 Security Guards assigned to MMDA Offices, Swipt, Pasig River Ferry Services, FCSMO and various Field Offices

38.  Ferry Terminal and Ponton Barge Repair

39.  Ferry Boat Repair

40.  Supply and delivery of UV LED Wide Format Inkjet Printer

41.  Supply and Delivery of one (1) unit Sharp Cut Digital Flatbed Cutter

42.  Supply and Delivery of tires for various equipment and service of FCSMO

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