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 Transparent Governance

XVII.   Compliance on PHILGEPS / Posting and Publication of Bids and Awards

A.  MEMORANDUM from BAC SECRETARIAT (Temporary Closure of BAC OFFICE located at third Floor of MMDA Auditorium)

B.  Procurement Bids and Awards

C.  Invitation to Bid/Request for Quotation/Request for Expression of Interest

              C.1. FY 2023

              C.2. FY 2022

              C.3. FY 2021

D.  Bid Bulletin

              D.1. FY 2023

              D.2. FY 2022

              D.3. FY 2021

              D.4. FY 2020

              D.5. FY 2019

D.6. FY 2018

D.7. FY 2017

E.  Notice of Postponement for Bid Bulletin

F.  Projects Awarded by MMDA

G.  PhilGEPS Posting Certificate of Compliance

H.  List of MMDA Resolutions Approved by the Metro Manila Council for 2013

I.  Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract

  I.1.  FY 2023

  I.2.  FY 2022

  I.3.  FY 2021

  I.4.  FY 2020

  I.5.  FY 2019

  I.6.  FY 2018

  I.7.  FY 2017

  I.8.  FY 2016

  I.9.  FY 2015

 J.Annex A: Negotiated Procurement Arising from Two (2) Failed Biddings Should be Posted in the PhilGEPS

 K.Annex B: Awards could not be posted in the PhilGEPS because bidder is not included in the Documents Request List of the Bid Notice Abstract of the Procuring Entity.

 L.  Annex C: Erroneous Posting of Awards in the PhilGEPS System

 M.  Annex D: Ammendments to Attachments Made

 N.  Annex E: The Third Project or Line Item could not be Posted as Awarded due to Wrong Computation of the Total Approved Budget for the Contract Appearing on the Invitation to Bid

O.  Annex F: Awarded Contract Posted with a Cancelled Status in the PhilGEPS

P.  Procurement Monitoring Report

  P.1.  FY 2022

  P.1.1.  as of December

  P.1.2.  as of June

  P.2.  FY 2020

  P.3.  FY 2019

  P.4.  FY 2018

Calendar of Events