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What is the protocol for Traffic Officers when apprehending traffic violators?

  1. Flag down the vehicle and lead it to the roadside where it will not obstruct the flow of traffic.
  2. Courteously inform the driver of his violation.
  3. Request for the Drivers license, vehicle registration and other pertinent documents.
  4. Verify records of driver from Central Database.
  5. Inform the driver of his previous records should there be any.
  6. Accomplish TVR without unnecessary delay / argument.
  7. Issue the second copy to the driver / motorist and inform him / her where and when to pay his / her fine.


  • Greet the driver with respect and identify yourself
  • Inform the driver of his violation
  • State your authority
  • Respectfully ask for his driver's license
  • Inform the driver not to alight from the vehicle
  • Should there be any complaint. State the availability of the TAB for lodging a complaint within (5) days or the Roadside Traffic Arbitration during apprehension (on site).

Sample apprehension dialogue:

Good Morning ! Sir/Madam. I am Traffic Officer Juan Dela Cruz, You violated a traffic rule, you obstructed the flow of traffic. Under MMDA law (R.A 7924) I am authorized to confiscate your license should there be a need to do so. May I have your driver's license please. You are also requested Sir/Madam, not to alight from your vehicle.

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