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General Procedure for Traffic Officers When Apprehending a Traffic Violator:
(Updated June 7, 2022)

  1. The Traffic Enforcer shall wear proper and complete uniform and carry his mission order at all times. Drivers are free to ask for the mission order, which contains his area or responsibility, official function and time of duty
  2. The upper garment of his/her uniform particularly the left and right pocket shall be free from any inserted objects, with nameplates always visible
  3. Flag down the vehicle and lead it to the roadside where it will not obstruct the flow of traffic. Apprehension should be done in an open area, visible to the public
  4. Stand beside the vehicle with a minimum distance away from it
  5. Greet with respect the violator and introduce his/her name and Authority
  6. Do not allow the driver to alight from his/her motor vehicle while apprehension is taking place
  7. Courteously inform the driver of his/her violation
  8. Request for the driver’s license, vehicle registration and other pertinent documents
  9. Accomplish the entries of the Unified Ordinance Violation Receipts (UOVR) in three to five minutes time, without any delay
  10. Traffic Enforcer should not extend his/her hand inside the vehicle while in the process of apprehension
  11. Issue the second copy of UOVR to the driver and inform him/her where and when to pay the fine


Should you encounter any traffic enforcer violating any of these procedures, get the name of the traffic enforcer indicated in his/her nameplate and note the time and place of his/her assignment.

Should there be complaints relative to the apprehension, the driver can file/contest his/her traffic violation to the Traffic Adjudication Board at 4th floor MMDA Bldg. Orense Street corner EDSA, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. Attach pictures or videos if necessary for proper investigation.

Driver may also contact the MMDA Hotline 136.

However, should there be complaints relative to the Traffic Enforcer’s apprehension manners, the driver can file/contest his/her complaint to the Technical Committee on Complaints (TCC), 3rd floor MMDA Bldg. Orense street corner EDSA, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

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