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Rules on Plate Numbers
(Updated June 7, 2022)


All unregistered motor vehicles shall only be authorized to travel through the use of the Conduction Stickers, which should be prominently displayed on the right front windshield of each vehicle,

The Conduction Sticker attached to a motor vehicle shall be valid until the vehicle is sold and delivered to the end-user who must apply for vehicle registration within 7 (seven) days from date of delivery.

Only authorized and accredited driver of the manufacturer, assembler, importer, or dealer concerned is authorized to operate a vehicle travelling under the authority of the Conduction Sticker.

The accredited driver should always carry the original Authority to Operate prescribed by the LTO whenever he or she travels under the authority of the Conduction Stickers.


The commemorative plate shall not be superimposed over the regular plate. It shall be installed in front of a motor vehicle either at the right side or left side of the regular plate. As such the regular plate shall be maintained in the space provided for the purpose. Removal thereof shall be deemed as a violation. (based on LTO's A.O. AOL-2010-021)

Placing the commemorative plate at the rear of a motor vehicle shall be strictly prohibited and penalized accordingly.

The commemorative sticker should be pasted in the upper right hand corner of the front windshield. However, the regular validating windshield sticker shall be pasted at the left upper side of the front windshield.

The issuance of commemorative plates/stickers shall be limited to the observance and/or commemoration of events which have: national significance certified by the department/agency concerned; historical significance certified by the National Historical Institute, and; international significance certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Any group, organization or association of Government Agency/Organization and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) may apply for the authority to use commemorative plates/stickers.

It shall be issued and used with prior written approval of the Secretary of the DOTr, upon recommendation of the Assistant Secretary of the LTO.

The display period for any commemorative plate shall be one (1) year from the month following its approval by the DOTr Secretary.


If your plate was lost, file for an affidavit of loss and submit it to the LTO, and apply to get or use an improvised plate.

Once authorized, make sure that the original copy of your Authority to Operate with the use of Improvised Plate is always carried by the driver on all his travels.

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