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March 13
, 2023

MMDA: Number of Flagged Down Motorists/Riders on Exclusive MC Lane Along Commonwealth Decreasing

A total of 1,494 motorists and riders were flagged down along Commonwealth Avenue for the first four days of the dry run of the exclusive motorcycle lane.

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said the numbers of flagged down vehicles continued to decline for the first four days of the dry run for the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue from Elliptical Road to Doña Carmen and vice versa.

In a press conference, Artes said that motorcycle riders and drivers of four-wheel vehicles alike are getting used to the policy set to be fully implemented on March 20.

On March 9, the first day of the dry run, the MMDA flagged down 276 motorcycles and 61 four-wheel vehicles for a total of 337 vehicles. On March 10, 368 motorcycles and 201 four-wheel vehicles or total of 569 vehicles were flagged down.

On March 11, 177 riders and 186 drivers of four-wheel vehicles or a total of 363 vehicles were flagged down. Yesterday, March 12, 128 motorcycle riders and 97 four-wheel vehicles or a total of 225 vehicles were flagged down.

"We are hopeful that these numbers will continue to decline as we continue to guide our motorists for another week of test run for the exclusive motorcycle lane on the largest highway in the metropolis," Artes said.

The Chairman also said that the agency is in coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways to conduct patch works to smoothen the road set to start within the week.

The MMDA is also eyeing putting up reflectors and solar street lamps to light up the area that would help avoid accidents.

Artes also hinted on the possible implementation of the designation of exclusive MC lane on other major roads in the metropolis should the policy be successful in its pilot run in Commonwealth.

He also appealed to motorists to give the policy a chance and follow the road rules.

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