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Sept. 14
, 2022

MMDA Encourages Field Personnel to Still Wear Face Masks Outdoors

In light of Executive Order No. 3 allowing the voluntary wearing of face masks in outdoor settings, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has encouraged its field personnel to continue wearing face masks outdoors and in open spaces.

MMDA Acting Chairman Engr. Carlo Dimayuga III said that the wearing of face masks serves as protection not just against the COVID-19 virus but also from traffic-related air pollution that affects the health of traffic enforcers and street sweepers.

“I support President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on optional wearing of face masks outdoors, but with regards to MMDA traffic enforcers on the field, I encourage them to still wear masks as prevention from pollution emitted by vehicles along major thoroughfares,” Dimayuga said.

“Traffic enforcers and street sweepers face the risk of acquiring respiratory illnesses in the performance of their duties. To protect their well-being, we highly encourage them to continue wearing face masks because their health is of utmost priority of the agency,” added Dimayuga.

The agency also drafted a memorandum to all its employees urging them to still strictly adhere to the minimum health protocols.

Under Executive Order No. 3, wearing of face masks in open spaces and non-crowded outdoor areas with good ventilation is now optional provided that physical distancing will be observed at all times.


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