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July 1
, 2022

MMDA’s 1st National Art Competition Closes Entry Submission,
Elicits Overwhelming Response

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) closed the entry submissions yesterday for the 1st National Art Competition initiated by the agency.

A total of 260 participants have submitted entries for the competition aimed to showcase Filipino artists’ creativity and talent through drawing, painting, and other artistic forms.

Through the competition, the agency hopes to develop new or young artists as part of the MMDA’s Youth program by actively inspiring their minds.

“It’s heartening to see that there are lots of young new artists joining MMDA’s 1st National Art Competition. It affirms MMDA’s thrust into developing young talents. I look forward to seeing MMDA’s art program expand in the coming years,” said Manny Garibay, one of the Board of Jurors.

Plans, initiatives, and projects for the youth are developed and carried out by the MMDA Committee on Youth Development as a way to help young people experience and appreciate arts and culture, as well as build their talents and confidence.

Filipino artists aged 18 to 35 were invited to participate in the art competition, which was launched in May.

The competition is an offshoot of the "I Love MM (Metro Manila)" metro-wide photography, songwriting, and painting contests, which were held to highlight the National Capital Region’s growth and progress, in November 2021.

MMDA shall notify the artist of pre-selected entries by the Board of Judges to submit their actual works to MMDA Office in Makati City.

The first prize winner will receive P300, 000 and a Scholarship for the Art Residency Program, while the second prize winner will receive P200,000.00 and a Scholarship for the Art Residency Program. Four finalists shall also receive P50,000.00 each.

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