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June 17
, 2022

MMDA Hastens Repair of Navigational Gate

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is speeding up the repairs of the damaged Navigational Gate which has caused flooding in low-lying areas in Navotas and Malabon during high tides.

Engr. Baltazar Melgar, Head of MMDA Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office, said they have decided to temporarily cease the operations of the Navigational Gate located at the mouth of the Tangos River in Navotas City to give way to its immediate repair.

The structure, according to Melgar, needed to undergo an emergency repair after problems were encountered last March.

"The structure is already more than a decade old since its completion in 2008 and some of its mechanical and electrical components have deteriorated and would continue to deteriorate if not repaired," said Melgar.

Repair work includes the re-alignment of the link arm and replacement of damaged parts.

Melgar admitted that private contractors are having difficulty since repairs are conducted underwater. Also, the silt and damage accumulated on the gate and chamber were severe, thus, mud blasting and desilting activities have to be conducted to lessen the weight of the gate leaf and prevent the gate’s trunnions from further misalignment.

MMDA Chairman Romando Artes said floodgates were affected by the waves of boats passing through the Dampalit River.

“Private contractors have been conducting the repairs of the Navigational Gate for four weeks now. We are giving them 10 days to complete the repairs so that the flooding in the communities would subside,” said Artes.

Since its downtime last March, most of the barangays located in low-lying areas of Navotas and Malabon cities were greatly affected and experienced severe flooding during high tides in their vicinities.

In close coordination with local officials of the affected cities, the MMDA continues to update the communities on the status of the repair.

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