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April 8
, 2022

MMDA Provides Free Bus Rides for Stranded Passengers Along Commonwealth-Litex

Starting today, April 8, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will deploy free rides along Commonwealth-Litex in Quezon City to address commuter woes due to lack of public utility buses in the area.

MMDA Chairman Romando Artes said the agency will deploy six buses and two military trucks to accommodate stranded passengers every morning, from 5am to 8am. The buses would ferry the commuters to Welcome Rotunda.

"We received reports that passengers are waiting for buses along the road itself. We will deploy our Libreng Sakay buses as long as it is needed to help the public on their daily commute."

While free rides are temporary, Artes said that the MMDA will sit down with concerned agencies and authorities to provide a long-term solution to ease the burden of the passengers.

"We are looking for a long-term solution and will coordinate with city bus operators and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and Department of Transportation for a long-term solution to increase the number of PUBs plying Commonwealth Avenue," he added.

Artes also noted the lack of PUBs must be addressed before June in anticipation of the possible resumption of face-to-face classes.

For her part, Mercy Sta. Maria, President of the United Mega Manila Bus Consortium, vowed to help the MMDA and committed to augment the deployment of buses.

Meanwhile, Artes appealed to commuters to exercise orderliness and discipline so that traffic flow will not be hampered.

"By providing them additional public transportation, we can keep them off the road to lessen impact on traffic and keep them safe, as well."

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                         The Metropolitan Manila Development headed by its Chairman Romando S. Artes deployed six buses and two military trucks offering free rides to passengers stranded along Commonwealth-Litex in Quezon City. Artes said that the MMDA, together with Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and city bus operators will discuss long-term solution to address the problem.
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