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March 16
, 2022

MMDA Clears Mabuhay Lanes from Illegally Parked Vehicles

In a span of 30 minutes, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has issued 23 tickets for illegally parked vehicles while two were towed in today’s clearing operations along Panay Avenue in Quezon City, which is part of Mabuhay Lane route #1, as the agency continues to ease heavy traffic flow on major thoroughfares, particularly EDSA.

Illegally parked vehicles were ticketed and towed. Penalty for attended illegally parked vehicles is P1000 while unattended illegally parked vehicles will be fined P2000. Towed vehicles will be brought to the agency's impounding area in Tumana, Marikina.

MMDA Chairman Romando Artes said the agency will conduct regular clearing operations on all Mabuhay Lanes which serve as alternate routes for EDSA.

"The MMDA is serious in its bid to decongest EDSA and provide motorists with alternate routes that are passable and free from obstructions. We are closely coordinating with the local government units and the Department of Interior and Local Government to ensure that these roads will be maintained obstruction-free," Artes said.

The Chairman also said that the agency targets to totally clear Metro Manila roads within three months.

"We want to ensure that at the end of our term, we will turnover obstruction-free and orderly Metro Manila roads to the next administration," Artes said.

Meanwhile, Artes said that there is still no need to expand the number coding as vehicle volume is still below the pre-pandemic levels. He also said that the increase in gasoline prices is a possible factor to the lesser number of vehicles traversing EDSA.

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Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Romando Artes led the clearing operations in Mabuhay Lanes early Wednesday. The MMDA has issued 23 tickets for illegal parking while two were towed along Panay Avenue in Quezon City which is part of Mabuhay Lane Route #1.
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