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March 11
, 2022

MMDA Chairman Artes Reassigns Traffic Officials to New Posts

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has appointed three traffic officials to new posts in preparation for the additional vehicular volume as Metro Manila, now under Alert Level 1, enters the new normal.

MMDA Chairman Romando Artes appointed Traffic Operations Officer (TOO) IV Edison Nebrija as the head of the New Task Force Special Operations (TFSO) and Anti-Colorum Unit; TOO IV Jeffrey Torres as the new head of EDSA Special Traffic and Transport Zone, replacing Nebrija; and TOO1 D’Arthony John Maquinto as head of the Northern Traffic Enforcement District.

Artes said Nebrija served as head of the TFSO during the time of late MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim and he had seen his performance in leading the clearing operations to remove all kinds of obstructions.

“We trust the capability of Nebrija to enforce traffic rules and regulations beyond the stretch of EDSA, and clear Mabuhay Lanes and other major thoroughfares of traffic obstructions,” said Artes.

As head of the task force, Nebrija’s jurisdiction is not only limited to EDSA alone but on all Metro Manila roads under the jurisdiction of the agency, cited Artes.

Meanwhile, Torres will be the over-all head of the traffic management on EDSA, the country’s busiest thoroughfare.

Artes said his marching orders for Torres is to speed up traffic flow on EDSA by focusing on traffic management while apprehension of traffic violators is only secondary.

According to Nebrija, the TFSO will concentrate on providing alternative routes to motorists, especially now that traffic is going back to normal.

“We will intensify our clearing operations so that motorists would have alternate routes aside from EDSA. We are thankful that the management is supportive of our programs to ease traffic in Metro Manila,” Nebrija added.

Torres, for his part, said he will continue Nebrija’s efforts to manage traffic on EDSA. He also assured constant visibility of traffic enforcers along the highway, especially during rush hours when traffic congestion is at its peak.

“We will maximize the visibility of the traffic enforcers assigned to EDSA,” said Torres. Currently, there are 500 traffic enforcers deployed along EDSA.

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