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March 5
, 2022

MMDA, World Bank inspect project sites, meet with Chairman Artes and GM San Juan to discuss MMFMP progress

Project proponents from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) together with representatives from the World Bank conducted field inspections and met to discuss updates on the status of activities initiated by the MMDA under the Metro Manila Flood Management Project (MMFMP).

The inspection activity began with a visit to the Vitas Pumping Station in Tondo Manila. During the inspection, MMDA project proponents presented the operational process of the Solid Waste Granulator and Brick Making Facility, a technology that converts solid waste to reusable by-products such as eco-bricks, eco-hollow blocks, eco-concrete barriers, and bio-waste compost materials.

After which, the inspection team proceeded to Pateros to witness the Market and Collection Day for the Mobile Materials Recovery Facility (MMRF) Activity dubbed as “Recyclable Mo, Palit Grocery Ko” held in Brgy. Sto. Rosario Kanluran, Pateros. The activity showcased how residents can trade their recyclables for commodities. Residents gain points upon surrender of recyclable materials, which they can use to redeem grocery items. All participating residents are then provided an Ecosavers Passbook, where all points earned and redeemed are recorded.

Aside from the site visits that ensure better appreciation of the MMFMP-related activities, MMDA Chairman Atty. Romando Artes and MMDA General Manager and Deputy Chairman Frisco San Juan Jr. met with MMFMP project proponents led by Assistant General Manager for Planning and MMFMP Overall Project Manager Asec. Jose Campo including representatives from the Project Management Office, Solid Waste Management Office, Flood Control and Sewerage Management and World Bank partners as represented by its Lead Irrigation Engineer Joop Stoutjesdijk to discuss project updates and progress of MMFMP.

"The Metro Manila Flood Management Project Phase 1 that aims to reduce flood vulnerability of Metro Manila is on the right track. Amid the continuous increase of waste generated in the metropolis, the MMDA shall continue pursuing initiatives and technologies that improve solid waste management in the metropolis. We are committed to working together with the concerned agencies to achieve a Metro Manila that is more resilient to floods," Artes said.

The Metro Manila Flood Management Project (MMFMP) is the Phase 1 of the implementation of the Metro Manila Flood Management Masterplan that aims to reduce the vulnerability to and strengthen resilience against floods. The Project is a joint venture of the MMDA and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) under the financial grant of the World Bank Group – International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

MMDA is in-charge of the implementation of the Metro Manila Flood Management Project’s Component 4, Project Management, Support and Coordination, and Component 2 or Minimizing Solid Waste in Waterways, which aims to improve solid waste management in barangays surrounding the pumping stations that will ultimately help maintain the efficiency of pumping stations.

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