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Feb. 14
, 2022

MMDA Rolls Out Resbakuna Kids Drive

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has converted its vaccination facility to a child-friendly area as the agency rolled out today its vaccination drive for kids aged five to 11.

Child stars and children of showbiz personalities and players of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), and MMDA officials were inoculated during the launch held at the MMDA vaccination facility in Makati.

MMDA Officer-in-Charge and General Manager Attorney Romando Artes said that the pediatric vaccination program of MMDA is open for all children and allows walk-in. However, kids who are to be vaccinated should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

“There’s no need to pre-register but parents or guardians need to present proof that their kids are at least five years old and they also need to accomplish consent form before their kids get vaccinated,” Artes said.

“We are targeting 50 to 100 kids to be vaccinated at the MMDA facility daily,” he added.

Half of the MMDA vaccination facility was transformed into a playground-like area for kids to be relaxed and to lessen their fear of vaccines.

Different toys, books, and board games are made available for the children to enjoy before getting inoculated. Loot bags were also given to kids after their jabs.

Artes said that the Resbakuna Kids aims to provide children protection against COVID-19.

“This is the first step for children to be able to go back to school,” he said.

Artes added that the MMDA's own Resbakuna Kids program aims to accommodate more kids and help augment the Metro Manila local government units’ respective pediatric vaccination drives.

Meanwhile, the mobile vaccination drive for public transportation industry was launched today at the Land Transportation Office in Quezon City through a joint initiative of the MMDA, the Department of Transportation and its attached agencies.

Dubbed as “We Vax as One: Mobile Vaccination Drive,” the four-day vaccination activity at the LTO Chapel will last until February 17, 8 am to 2 pm. It aims to vaccinate 500 persons per day, whether for first,67 second, or booster doses.

“This activity is a result of a fruitful relationship between the MMDA and the DOTR in line with the government’s efforts to expand its vaccination rollout to areas accessible to the public,” said Artes.

Artes said a total of 1,400 individuals were inoculated during the first mobile vaccination drive held in Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange last month.

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Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Officer-in-Charge and General Manager Atty. Romando Artes attended the roll out of the Resbakuna Kids Drive and Mobile Vaccination Drive held at the agency’s vaccination facility and at the LTO Central Office, respectively. Artes said that these vaccination drives aim to provide easy access to vaccines for more adults and kids for them to be protected against COVID-19.
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