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Oct. 1
, 2021

Nagtahan Flyover Off-Limits to Truck For 7 Months Starting Today

The Nagtahan Flyover Manila is closed to trucks for seven months starting today, October 1 as the structure undergoes rehabilitation and major repairs after cracks and defects are found on the bridge.

Only one lane at a time shall be occupied and only light vehicles are allowed to pass on the flyover and the Nagtahan Service Road.

Construction will be done in segments:

Segment 1 and 2: Northbound (R. Magsaysay to G. Tuazon) within two months

Segment 3: Southbound (G. Tuazon to R. Magsaysay Area) within 1.5 months

Segment 4 and 5: Northbound (EARIST to R. Magsaysay Blvd. area) within 2 months

Segment 6: Southbound (R. Magsaysay to EARIST area) within 1.5 months

Vehicles going north are advised to take Osmeña Highway, right to Quirino Avenue, left to Quirino Ave. Ext., left to U.N Ave., right to Romualdez St., left to Ayala Blvd, and Roxas Blvd. to destination.

Meanwhile, vehicles going Southbound may take A. Bonifacio Ave., right to C3, R-10, to their destination.

Rehabilitation of the bridge will address the big cracks at its abutment wall and railing, loose steel enclosure of retrofitting on its piers, and rusting steel enclosure of retrofitting at several piers.

The Department of Public Works and Highways said that the repair is to avoid untoward incidents that the bridge might cause to motorists and other road users. Since last year, trucks were prohibited from traversing the area.

The repairs are expected to end in April 2022.

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