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July 21, 2021

MMDA Unveils Aglipay Bridge, Pumping Station in Mandaluyong

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority today inaugurated the Aglipay Bridge and Pumping Station in Mandaluyong to address the flooding problem in low lying nearby communities.

MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos led the inaugural ceremony of the new infrastructures in Aglipay Street, Barangay Poblacion that will serve and benefit the areas of Boni Avenue and F. Ortigas.

The pumping station with two submersible engine pumps can pump .3 cubic meters each.

The water which will be pumped from the area will go to San Juan River while trash nets will be installed in place to haul garbage from the area to ensure that trash won't damage the pumps.

During the ceremony, Abalos said that the MMDA is studying the Metro Manila terrains and is planning to add pumping stations as part of the agency's initiative to mitigate flooding in the metropolis.

He also said he already appealed to the Metro Manila mayors to pass a resolution penalizing those who indiscriminately dump their waste and include community service as sanction for violators.

"Regardless of how much and how frequent we pump flood water, if the public is still throwing their garbage anywhere, the problem won't be addressed. This is why we need to strictly enforce sanction for violators and involve them in cleaning our waterways," Abalos said.

Abalos also said that the MMDA is continuous on its efforts to solve flooding concerns in the metropolis, including dredging, desilting, and clearing of waterways also adding that all the 67 pumping stations around the National Capital Region are operational.


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MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos leads the inauguration of Aglipay Bridge and Pumping Station in Barangay Poblacion, Mandaluyong. Both the bridge and the pumping station is built to address the flooding problem in the low-lying areas of Boni Avenue and F. Ortigas.
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