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June 28, 2021

MMDA Installs Trash Trap to Mitigate Damage to Pumping Stations

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority today installed floating trash nets to block garbage from entering the agency-manned pumping stations and prevent its further damage.

MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos personally oversees the hauling of garbage from the trash traps on one of the tributaries of Estero Tripa de Gallina and servicing the cities of Manila and Taguig.

According to Abalos, two truckloads of garbage are being hauled daily in the area while a total of 32 truckloads of trash are being collected from all the 57 pumping stations across Metro Manila. He said that the collected trash might increase as the rainy season starts.

"As we expect the volume of trash to increase because of the rains and inclement weather, we also plan to gradually install trash traps on all waterways such as canals and esteros to lessen the effect of flooding in Metro Manila," Abalos said.

The MMDA chief, who is also the concurrent head of Metro Manila Council, also said he will discuss with the Metro Manila mayors the possibility of harmonizing the ordinances penalizing those who keep on throwing trash on waterways.

“We will make a uniform ordinance to mete out sanctions or conduct community service for those who recklessly throw garbage,” he said.

Abalos also appealed to the public to stop dumping garbage, especially human waste, on waterways.

“We call on the public to avoid throwing garbage in prohibited places and we encourage everyone to instead recycle to lessen the waste we are collecting and eventually alleviate the effects of flooding,” the Chairman concluded.


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MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos personally oversees hauling of garbage from the newly-installed trash traps in one of the tributaries of Estero Tripa de Gallina which serves the cities of Manila and Taguig. The trash traps aim to mitigate the damage to nearby Tripa de Gallina pumping station caused by garbage. 

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