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June 2, 2021

MMDA Gears Up for Rainy Season; Ensures Fully Operational Pumping Stations

As typhoon cyclone wind signal number one was hoisted in Metro Manila today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority inspected its biggest pumping station, Tripa de Gallina, in Pasay and revetment wall in at Provident Village in Marikina City.

MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos ensures that the Tripa de Gallina pumping station, which is also the oldest in Metro Manila, and all other pumping stations operated by the MMDA are fully operational, with necessary power and fuel in place. Aside from the regular maintenance of the pumping stations, desilting and dredging of river are also regularly conducted to prevent flooding.

The Chairman also said he is discussing plans of putting up garbage nets along rivers and tributaries in Pasay so that trash will not end up at the pumping stations to prevent damage on the pumps.

Abalos likewise appealed to the public to properly dispose garbage which usually causes flooding woes.

“Discipline in segregating garbage and proper disposal are keys to fully address the problems brought by floods. We also urge the local government units to strictly enforce the anti-littering ordinances and encourage recycling among residents to lessen the volume of garbage,” he said.

Abalos also visited the ongoing construction of perimeter retaining wall at Provident Village in Marikina which will help stop the sudden flow of water coming from the Sierra Madre mountain range. The city is a catch basin of water coming from Quezon City and province of Rizal, making it a flood prone area.

“We’ve rebuilt and reinforced the wall to make sure that it can withstand heavy rains and protect the residents from flood which can reach as high as two-storey house,” he explained.

Acknowledging the efforts of the local government unit, Abalos thanked Pasay mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano and Marikina mayor Marcy Teodoro for their initiatives and coordination with the MMDA to make sure that the torrential rains will not cause severe damage in the National Capital Region.

“There’s no alternative to unity among the mayors and stronger coordination with MMDA,” he said.


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MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos inspects Tripa de Gallina Pumping Station in Pasay City and revetment wall at Provident Village in Marikina City as the agency gears up for the onset of rainy season. As mountain of trash were hauled by the pumps, the Chairman appeals to the public for proper waste disposal and management to avoid flooding. Meanwhile, the revetment wall in Marikina, damaged by typhoon Ulysses last year, will be reinforced and will serve as a protection to residents living in flood-prone Provident Village



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