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April 7, 2020 

MMDA, MMC Approve Resolutions on Social Amelioration Packages (SAP)
Distribution and Discrimination Against COVID-19 Patients, Frontliners

The Metro Manila Council (MMC) issued today two approved resolutions concerning the distribution of social amelioration packages (SAP) and reported acts of violence and discrimination against health care workers, persons with coronavirus disease and those suspected with infection.

Despite the prevailing Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine, MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim convened the members of the Metro Manila Council via teleconferencing yesterday, April 6, to discuss matters relating the two pressing concerns in connection with the covid-19 enhanced community quarantine. Two resolutions were approved.

In the approved resolution no.20-07 Series of 2020, the MMC urged the Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) and or the Department of Finance (DOF) to reinstate the original number of target beneficiaries of the 17 Metro Manila local government units for the purposes of the distribution of the (SAP), citing RA No. 11469 (Bayanihan to Heal As One Act), RA No. 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991), and Metro Manila having the biggest number of COVID-19 cases nationwide, greatest number of adversely-affected daily wage earners and extended or multiple families per household by region as basis.

The MMC cited in the resolution that the DSWD-NCR and the DOF initially provided the number of target beneficiaries (“original number of target beneficiaries) of the 17 Metro Manila LGUs for the purposes of the distribution of the SAP. However, it was later reduced.

“In the higher interest of preserving public order, public safety, and public health and for the 17 Metro Manila LGUs to perform their duties and functions under the Local Government Code of 1991 in relation to the covid-19 enhanced community quarantine, there is an urgent need for the DSWD-NCR and/or the DOF to reinstate the original target of beneficiaries per said LGU for the purposes of the distribution of SAP,” said the MMC.

SAP is the government's aid intended to help poor Filipinos recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, citing reported acts of violence and discrimination against health care workers, patients, persons under investigations (PUIs,) and persons under monitoring PUMs, Lim and members of the MMC urged the Local Legislative Councils (LLCs)of the National Capital Region to issue ordinances prohibiting and penalizing such acts of violence or discrimination in the approved resolution no. 20-08, Series of 2020.

“The Metro manila mayors strongly recommend to the Metro Manila LLCs to issue ordinances prohibiting and penalizing acts of discrimination and violence such as but not limited to libel slander, physical injuries, and the dishonor of contractual obligations such as contract of lease or employment,” said Lim.

Amid the enhanced community quarantine, Lim and the Metro mayors assured the public that they are closely coordinating and working with each other in collaboration with the National Government and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Infectious Diseases.

The two resolutions were unanimously signed by all the metro mayors.

The MMC, composed of the 17 Metro Manila mayors and different national agencies, is the governing and policy-making body of the MMDA. 

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