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News 2017

Decemeber 2017

Traffic Advisory December 21, 2017

Pasig River Art project launches completion through a river cruise

MMDA sets Dry Run for High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

November 2017

MMDA Urges Metro Manila LGUs to be WHO-Compliant in its Smoke-Free Ordinances

October 2017

MMDA Gears Up for All Saints’ Day; Reactivates Oplan Undas

11AM-11PM Mall Operations to Start mid-October

MMDA to implement the Solid Waste Management Component of the Metro Manila Flood Management Project

September 2017

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Sept. 29, 2017

MMDA Participates in the 3rd Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Sept. 22, 2017

MMDA and Quezon City Government sign MOA for Kalayaan Lanes

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Sept. 15, 2017

MMDA partnered with DOST to strengthen the implementation of the No-Contact Apprehension Policy

i-ACT Conducts Intensified Clearing Operations in Quezon City; Nets One Motorist for Bribery

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Sept. 8, 2017

i-ACT Reactivated for Seamless Coordination on Traffic

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Sept. 1, 2017

August 2017

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking Aug. 25, 2017

I-ACT Reactivated; Over 300 Traffic Personnel to be deployed on Commonwealth Avenue for MRT-7 Construction

9 MMDA Traffic Constables Commended for Arrest of Convicted Robber in Quezon City

Traffic Advisory

Traffic Advisory

MMDA Welcomes Move to Axe Volunteer Tanod Who Harassed Towing Personnel

July 2017

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA: 3rd Metro Manila Shakedrill Successful in Raising Public Awareness

New MMFF EXECOM Members Named

MMDA Personnel Turns Over Luggage Accidentally Left by Commuter

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA Affirms Decision Dismissing Erring Traffic Constable

Traffic Enforcer Axed for Falsifying Driver’s Signature on Ticket

June 2017

MMFF Names 1st Four Official Entries to this year’s Festival

MMDA Gears Up for the Conduct of the 3rd Metro Manila Shakedrill on July

MMDA Suspends Accreditation of a Tow Truck for Illegal Towing Activities

MMDA Pumping Stations to be Canvasses for Pasig River Art

MMDA to Meet with Hotel, Resto Operators to Discuss Parking, Security Concerns

MMDA Chairman Lim Dresses Down 2 Erring Traffic Enforcers

Govt Vehicle Cited for Over-speeding, Flees from MMDA Traffic Enforcers

MMDA Thoroughly Reviewing Applications for Exemption from the Number Coding Scheme

May 2017

MMDA Chief Lim Starts to Cleanse Ranks of Erring Individuals

OMB Agent in Hot Water for Berating, Showing Gun to MMDA Tow Personnel in QC

New MMDA Chair: “Let’s Go Back to Basics”

MMDA Pushes for Closure of 2 Bus Terminals in Quezon City for Non-Compliance to LTFRB Provisions

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA Named as 1st National Army Reserve Engineering Brigade

Poveda Execs Support MMDA’s Traffic Scheme in Ortigas District

Unkempt. Dirty. Chaotic.

60 Erring MMDA Personnel to Help in Estero, Sewer Cleanup

MMDA to Deputize Barangay Watchmen for Traffic Enforcement

MMDA Needs Volunteer Lawyers to File Cases Vs. Erring Barangay Officials

MMDA Collects Over 750 Truckloads of Garbage, Silt from Metro Manila Waterways

Over 120 Volunteers Join MMDA’s Disaster Response Training

MMDA to Duplicate Baclaran Model in Other Areas Before Year End

Roxas Blvd. Expansion Project Underway

Press Statement

MMFF Calls for Film Applicants for the Annual Festival

Southwest Interim Provincial Terminal Gradually Transfers to HK Sun Plaza

April 2017

Baclaran Area Still In Order Despite Thousands of Devotees

Traffic Advisory: MMDA Traffic Preparations for the 30th ASEAN Summit

MMDA Kicks Off 1st Metro Basketball Tourney in Manila

Orbos Warns The Public Of Fake MMDA Personnel Soliciting Money

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA declares more tow away zones; DILG issues barangay directive to curb illegal parking

MMDA Traffic Enforcer Sideswiped by Driver While Trying to Evade Traffic Violation

MMDA declares more tow away zones; DILG issues barangay directive to curb illegal parking

MMDRRMC to Convene for Earthquake Preparedness Briefing

Traffic Advisories for Holy Week

Holy Week Advisories

Metro Manila Mayors Express Support to Duterte’s Federalism Advocacy

Traffic Advisory: Lifting of Number Coding Scheme and DPWH Projects during Holy Week

Traffic Advisory: Re-blocking and road repair works

March 2017

New UVVRP Guideline: Doctors On-Call To Show PRC IDs To Be Exempted

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA Intensified Towing, Road Clearing Ops Yield Over 50 Illegally-Parked Daily

Motorist Commends Three MMDA Traffic Enforcers For Professionalism in Handling Accident

MMDA Partners With TESDA For Free Livelihood Training To Agency Personnel

Around 300 Illegally-Parked Vehicles Towed During MMDA Ops

Metro Manila Transport Consultative Council Created for Odd-Even Scheme and Other Proposed Traffic Decongestion Measures

Statement On Modified Odd-Even Scheme

MMDA Personnel’s Kin to Get Free Hairdressing, Beauty Care Training

MMFF Launches 41st Film Festival; Announces New Execom Members

Road Diggings On Major Roads Now Done At Night

MMDA Launches Estero Blitz 2017

February 2017

MMDA To Open Scout Area Bypass Road Next Week To Help Ease EDSA Traffic

MMDA to Motorists: Brace for Heavy Traffic Due to Unfinished DPWH Drainage Works

Traffic Advisory: 31st Edsa People Power Anniversary

MMDA To Launch Family Zones in 5 LGUs

MMDA to Security Personnel: Don’t Hold Traffic in Favor of Tenants, Customers

MMDA Reiterates Implementation of One Strike Policy to Erring Personnel

MMDA to Organizers, Establishments: Inform Us of Upcoming Events

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA to Start Deployment of Deputized Traffic Volunteers

MMDA Cracks Down on Jaywalkers

MMDA Opens Edsa-Mckinley Access Roads

“No Jeepney” in Edsa-Guadalupe Eases Traffic

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA Continuously Cleanse Its Ranks of Erring Personnel

MMDA Meets With Truckers Group, Sets New Guideline

January 2017

MMDA Starts Meeting With Barangay Execs On Clearing, Anti-Illegal Parking Ops

Traffic Constable Manhandled by Bus, Conductor in Pasay City Over Traffic Violation

MMDA, Transport groups to set up Jeepney stops on Commonwealth-España Corridor

MMDA Extends Policy on No Weekday Sales and Nighttime Mall Deliveries for the Entire Year

MMDA Traffic Enforcement to be Strengthened by Volunteers and Outsourced Personnel

Fuel Delivery Trucks Now Exempted From Truck Ban on EDSA, NAIA

No Window Hours Policy Extended For 6 Months

MMDA to Sue Truck Owners Involved in Mishaps Resulting to Property Damage and Traffic Congestion

MMDA’s Zipper Lane Back to the Drawing Board; Other Measures Being Studied

MMDA Taps Its Support Units’ Personnel/Private Sector Volunteers for Traffic Deployment

Dry Run on Zipper Lane to Ease EDSA-Southbound Traffic Begins Friday

Press Statement

MMFF Execom Bans “Oro” Producer, Director For A Year Over Dog-Killing Scene

MMDA Bolsters Black Nazarene Preps, Special Pasig River Ferry And Gwapotel Feast Services

MMDA Suspends Number Coding for Provincial Buses Coming From Southern Luzon

2,000 Traffic Enforcers To Get New Hand-held Radio Phones

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