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December 23, 2016 

MMDA Thanks Motoring Public for Better Traffic During Christmas Season as Travel Time On Edsa Continues To Improve 

     Traffic flow along EDSA has improved despite the heavy volume of vehicles this Holiday Season as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recorded an average of 28 minutes decrease in travel time.

       In a comparative survey, MMDA said a substantial decrease in travel time from Roxas Blvd. to Monumento and vice versa was recorded this year (December 22) with 1 hour, 10 minutes compared to last year’s average of 1 hour, 39 minutes for the same date.

     The agency also said that there is an increase in travel speed from 13.91 kilometers per hour taken on December 22 last year to 19.54 kilometers per hour on December 22 this year, or a 5.63 kph increase.

        MMDA noted that the total vehicle volume count along Edsa on Dec. 21 last year was at 346,030 compared to 357,529 on Dec. 21, 2016, or an 11,499 increase in vehicular volume.

    Meanwhile, the MMDA leadership expressed its gratitude to motorists for their continuous support, understanding, and cooperation with the agency in implementing various measures in the past months to improve the traffic situation in the metropolis.

       MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said that both public and private motorists alike have been very helpful and cooperative with concerned government agencies in easing the traffic condition in Metro Manila.

      “With Christmas just around the corner and when traffic is expected to be heaviest during the Holidays in almost major thoroughfares in Metro Manila, the cooperation of the public and private sectors has been vital in improving the traffic flow,” Orbos said.

       The MMDA Chief cited the motoring public’s cooperation when several barriers and delineators were removed from portions of Edsa.

      Even without these barriers, motorists still follow the traffic rules, particularly the Yellow Lane, which is exclusively for public passenger buses, Orbos added.

      Orbos also noted the initiatives of motorcycle riders federations and public transport groups in helping and coming out with stakeholder-specific solutions to traffic in recent months.

      “The agency is also grateful to these groups who made it possible for the strict enforcement of our existing traffic rules and regulations. With their ranks’ cooperation, a semblance of discipline can now be seen in our roads,” he said.

     Aside from the cooperation of various stakeholders, Orbos said the agency, along with the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (i-ACT), also started strictly enforcing the Nose-In, Nose-Out Policy for provincial buses along Edsa.

      “We have been making headway in decongesting these areas where the provincial bus terminals are located along Edsa with our stringent enforcement of the Nose-In, Nose-Out Policy,” he added.

      Metro Manila mayors are likewise appreciative of the traffic management by the MMDA field personnel in an effort to speed up traffic flow in the metropolis.

      Apart from MMDA, i-ACT is composed of the Department of Transportation, Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group, Land Transportation Office, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, and the Metro Manila Council, MMDA’s policy-making body.

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