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November 11, 2016 

Press Statement

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wishes to rectify recent news reports on motorcycles traversing Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares.

MMDA has NOT issued any order or directive banning motorcycles on EDSA or any other major thoroughfare. The agency reiterates that it will just strictly enforce the existing motorcycle lane regulation along EDSA, C5, Macapagal Boulevard, and Commonwealth Avenue, to ensure unimpeded traffic flow as well as the safety of motorcycle riders.

The MMDA, in its continued effort to find solutions to alleviate traffic congestion and motorcycle-related accidents, has initiated consultative dialogues with stakeholders such as the Motorcycle Philippines Federation, to come up with solutions and regulations acceptable to all stakeholders and enforced by the government, led by the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (iACT).

iACT stresses that finding doable measures to address the traffic problem is an ongoing process which needs cooperation and coordination from various sectors of society.

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