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October 26, 2016


            The Expanded Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or Number Coding scheme from7:00am to 8:00pm shall be implemented starting November 2, 2016, including the “No Window Hours” on the following roads:


1.      EDSA                                                                15. COMMONWEALTH AVENUE

2.      C5                                                                    16. A. BONIFACIO AVENUE

3.      RECTO AVENUE                                              17. RIZAL AVENUE

4.      QUIRINO AVENUE                                           18. DEL PAN

5.      ARANETA AVENUE                                          19. MARCOS HIGHWAY

6.      C6                                                                    20. MCARTHUR HIGHWAY

7.      ROXAS BOULEVARD                                        21. ALABANG-ZAPOTE ROAD (MUNTINLUPA)

8.      TAFT AVENUE                                                  22. SAMSON ROAD  (CALOOCAN)

9.      SLEX                                                                 23. A. MABINI STREET (CALOOCAN)






Based on MMDA Memorandum Circular Number 3 Series of 2011, the following vehicles are automatically exempted the UVVRP:

v  Ambulance, fire trucks, police patrol cars, military vehicles with permanent marking indicating the vehicles as such. Ambulance and fire trucks, which are privately owned and properly marked as such, shall likewise be exempted.

v  Vehicles commandeered by the government directed by a person in authority/or by a medical practitioner for military relief or emergency purposes.

v   Vehicles carrying person/s needing immediate medical attention.

v   Diplomatic vehicles with diplomatic plates.

v   Government vehicles with government plates or appropriate LTO stickers with permanent markings expressly showing the name of government agency or office, including those vehicles of members of Congress with officially issued LTO Protocol plates while being utilized in the performance of their functions.

v   MMDA accredited tow trucks provided that the accreditation papers must be carried and ready for presentation upon request.

v  Vehicles on a mission to carry relief goods to identified calamity or highly depressed areas.

v   Motorcycles provided that motorcycle drivers are complying with the prescribed motorcycle helmets under the Republic Act 10054.

v  Official and marked media vehicles. 

Meanwhile, owners / operators of the following vehicles may apply for an exemption from the UVVRP subject to evaluation and approval:

v  School buses and company shuttle vehicles

v  Unmarked vehicles of media practitioners   

v  Emergency care doctors

v  Persons with disabilities

v  Vehicles for perishable goods 

v  Department of Tourism accredited tourism vehicles


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