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September 23, 2016

Major Renovation on Gwapotel Starts on September 26 

     The major renovation of the Workers’ Inn or Gwapotel in Port Area, Manila will be in full swing beginning Monday, Sept. 26, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).
     MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos, however, pointed out that the budget hotel for workers, travelers, and students will only be partially closed to guests as many are still patronizing the facility.
     “We don’t want to drive away and displace our regular clientele which averages at 500 people daily. And more importantly, closing down the facility would contribute to the traffic situation because these people would be stranded on the streets, waiting for a ride home during rush hours,” Orbos said.
     Gwapotel will be closed from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. starting Monday to make way for the renovation and repair works, including the plumbing system, leaking roofs, damaged ceiling, replacement of worn out vinyl tiles, broken windows, and clogged drainage system.
     The renovation works will also include the improvement of the lighting fixtures in the facility, as well as re-upholstering of the beds and the pillows, and thorough debugging and disinfection.
     The budget for renovation will be sourced from the excess funds of the hotel as it has been providing profits for the past year.
      According to Orbos, Gwapotel will operate from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. to accommodate guests.
    Although a visitor only pays P50 for a 12-hour stay with a free bath, Orbos said the MMDA is still earning money from operating and overseeing the maintenance of the facility.
     MMDA is expecting to finish the major renovation on the workers’ inn within a month.
     An average of over 400 guests per day stay at the Worker’s Inn in August this year.
     Records show that from January to June 2016 that its net income amounted to P1.4 million.
     The Workers’ Inn was inaugurated in May 1, 2007 and started operations in May 14 of the same year.
        Orbos urged the local government units and private business entities to take a cue from MMDA for its shelter innovations. “The concept of Gwapotel is a practical alternative to in-city relocation and will somehow help solve our traffic problems.”

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