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September 9, 2016

MMDA Employees to Undergo Emergency Response Training 

     Employees of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will be undergoing a refresher course in emergency response in the next few days.
    This came after MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos ordered all units of the agency to re-train all personnel to become first responders in time of emergencies and calamities.
     “As part of the MMDA, all of us should be first responders and know how to deal with emergency situations and incidents,” Orbos told the employees on Thursday.
    He said he has instructed the heads of MMDA’s Public Safety and Road Emergency Group (REG) to come up with a training module for the refresher course.
    REG chief Edward Gonzales said the first part of the module can be basic life support and fire response drill.
    The MMDA has an existing memorandum of agreement with private emergency response group, Binondo-based TxtFire, which the agency could tap for the re-training, Gonzales said.
    He said that the re-training of the MMDA personnel should be done in groups, with the first batch numbering around 50 to 100 persons.
   Gonzales said the re-training should strengthen the knowledge and skills already acquired by the personnel during the initial training.
    To date, the MMDA has around 7,000 employees.
    The second part of the module will discuss and re-train employees on Earthquake, Landslide Search and Rescue Operations (ELSARO) course.
    The ELSARO course was first administered to MMDA personnel way back in 2012.


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