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AUGUST 24, 2016

MMDA Denies Issuing Traffic Proposals

     The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority denied it has issued a bulletin which has become viral via social media and Viber, enumerating several proposals to decongest the gridlocks on roads in Metro Manila.

    The MMDA also appealed to the public to rely on statements or announcements and advisories from the Authority or other official sources, saying such information shared on social media should be verified first.

     In its official FB account, the MMDA said “MMDA is reminding the public to be wary of spreading information that does not come from official sources, or does not indicate any source whatsoever.

    “All MMDA proposals will always be properly published on our official MMDA channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, LEDs) and disseminated through proper channels such as the (mainstream) media,” it added.

    And as agreed upon by the members of the Inter-Agency Committee on Traffic (I-ACT), any traffic-related information for the public will emanate from the Department of Transportation.

    The dubious traffic bulletin has been circulated and shared through Viber, which contains several suggestions purportedly coming from the MMDA, including the indefinite lifting of the number coding scheme in Metro Manila.

    It added that there will no longer be “window hours” wherein motorists whose vehicles are not allowed to ply major thoroughfares in the metropolis can temporarily ply for certain times of day.

    At present, the MMDA is still implementing the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila. However, some cities like Marikina and Muntinlupa have opted not to enforce the policy in their respective localities.

     Another proposal in the bulletin suggests that there will be no more P1 million fine to the colorum and out-of line buses. The vehicles will be “confiscated” by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) with the buses’ registration cancelled.

    The composite team from the MMDA, LTO, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, and the Philippine National Police- Highway Patrol Group had recently intensified its anti-colorum drive along EDSA and different roads in Metro Manila to rid of vehicles illegally-plying the streets.

     Under the Joint Administrative Order 1 of the Department of Transportation, LTO, and LTFRB, a P1 million fine will be imposed on bus companies whose units will be caught doing colorum operations.

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