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AUGUST 12, 2016

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has collected 20 truckloads of silt and garbage from the drainages along Taft Avenue in Manila.

Since Tuesday, monsoon rains brought about gutter-deep flooding along Taft Avenue, which has caused inconvenience to pedestrians, prompting the Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office (FCSMO) of the agency to conduct declogging operations from Padre Faura to P. Ocampo.

“Our FCSMO personnel noticed that the flood has not receded even after the rain has stopped,” MMDA Officer-in-Charge Emerson Carlos said. “It was later found out that the cause was dumping to the drainages of cement residue from the concrete mixers used for the ongoing construction of a residential building.”

According to Baltazar Melgar, head of the FCSMO, the contractor of the said building is San Jose Builders. “We tried to talk to them through any of their representatives to castigate them for the effects of their actions, but they refused.”

The MMDA-FCSMO devoted 200 personnel for the declogging operations, with three backhoe, two vacuum trucks, sewer jet, and manual scrapers in tow.

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