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June 23, 2016

MMDA Upgrades Two Pumping Stations in Taguig

      As part of its preparations for the onset of La Niña, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will inaugurate tomorrow two rehabilitated floodwater pumping stations in Taguig City.

     MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos will lead the inauguration ceremonies at the upgraded facilities, which are located along Circumferential Road 6 (C-6) in Barangay Hagonoy and Barangay Wawa.

     “These facilities are major components of the Metro Manila Flood Control Project, particularly the West of Manggahan Floodway. Hopefully, the upgrades made in these pumping stations will totally spare the city of Taguig from flooding and save lives and properties,” Carlos said.

     Additional three units of submersible axial flow pumps with a capacity of 3.0 cubic meter per second each were installed at the Hagonoy pumping station, covering about 528 hectares drainage area. A new motorized trash rake / screen was also set up at the facility which serves approximately 3,500 meters of estero.

     Located along C-6 at Taguig-Pateros drainage channel, the Taguig pumping station, on the other hand, now has eight units of submersible axial flow pumps that siphon 24 cubic meters of water per second. It covers about 1,423 hectares drainage area and serves approximately 8,700 meters of estero.

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