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June 9, 2016

MMDA to Launch iTow App 

     In a bid to stop illegal towing operations, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will launch the iTow application tomorrow at Makati City.

     MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said the iTow application, through the Pureforce Citizens app, will be available for all smartphones, both in android and iOS platforms, to provide an online venue dedicated to towing operations.

    “Motorists will now have extra protection against illegal towing operations through this app. As such, they can immediately report or complain anomalous activities,” Carlos said.

    Users of the iTow app can report illegal towing operations directly to the MMDA Command Center and motorists can also ask for assistance for any emergency, particularly on the road, through the app.

    The areas initially covered by the app are those included in the Mabuhay Lanes, where the agency has been doing operations on illegally-parked vehicles.

    According to the MMDA chief, the app, incorporated in the Pureforce Emergency Response System, will rely primarily on the CCTV cameras of MMDA as well as reports sent in by traffic enforcers and field personnel particularly in areas where there are no surveillance cameras.

    Traffic enforcers, as well as accredited private towing companies, will be provided with tablets with the app which is linked to MMDA’s Metrobase. Photos of vehicles to be towed must be taken using the tablet, then sent to Metrobase for verification. If the vehicle must be towed, a reference number will be sent to the tow truck operators / traffic enforcers by the dispatcher from Metrobase.

     The public can download the app for free.

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