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May 11, 2016

MMDA Inaugurates Welcome Rotonda – Quezon Avenue Pedestrian Overpass Under the Adopt-A-Footbridge Program 

     The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will inaugurate tomorrow the Welcome Rotonda – Quezon Avenue pedestrian overpass under the “Adopt-A-Footbridge” program, the agency’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative that involves the private sector in the rehabilitation and beautification of existing footbridges in the metropolis.

    Under the program, private partners will finance the repair, rehabilitation and improvement of footbridges in Metro Manila for the benefit of pedestrians using the said footbridge.

      “The beauty of this Adopt-A-Footbridge program is that pedestrian footbridges will now be safer and more comfortable for the public,” MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said.

      Carlos will lead the inauguration tomorrow.

    Part of the improvement of the footbridge is the construction of covered walkway to protect pedestrians from extreme heat and rain. Ornamental plants will also be placed along the bridge span to reduce air pollution.

     According to Carlos, proper lightings will also be installed, along with CCTVs and 24-hour roving security personnel, as well as provisions for persons with disabilities (PWDs) such as non-skid stairs and pavements. These are to be properly maintained at all times.

     “With all these amenities, using the pedestrian footbridges will be a more pleasant experience,” the MMDA chief said.



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