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April 13, 2016

MMDA Re-Implements Starting April 15 Its No-Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy “Huli Ka! You’re on CCTV Camera”

Tweaks Policy, Gives Violators Due Process

     As the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) re-implements the no-contact apprehension policy, starting Friday, April 15, it assures motorists who will be cited for traffic violations in the scheme will be afforded ample time to contest the infractions.
     Under the recently passed resolution of the Metro Manila Council, MMDA’s policy-making body, the agency will send summons or notice to the vehicle’s owner or operator to identify the driver of the vehicle during the time the traffic violation was captured by the CCTV (close circuit television) camera.
     The notice which will be sent to the owner or operator contains the date, time, location and traffic violation. It also contains a statement that the motorist has the right to contest before the MMDA-Traffic Adjudication Division (TAD) within seven days upon receipt of the summons.
     Within 15 days from receipt of the adverse TAD resolution, the driver may still file a motion for reconsideration (MR). If the MR is denied, the driver may further file an appeal before the Office of the Chairman where the decision shall be final and executory.
     The MMC resolution also said that upon lapse of the seven-day period to contest the infraction, the MMDA will send the final notice to the owner or operator of the vehicle.
     If the violator fails to pay the fine upon the receipt of the final notice, the MMDA will include the vehicle license plate in the Alarm list and will be forwarded to the Land Transportation Office.
     The driver will not be able to renew the vehicle registration until the fines are settled.
     With the improvements in the process in the no-contact apprehension policy, MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos has expressed confidence that the drivers of public and private motor vehicles will be cooperative.
     “What we are after here is to instill discipline among the motorists,” Carlos said in a recent meeting with the Metro Manila bus operators and owners.


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