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February 16, 2016

Metro Manila Council Approves Reimplementation of No-Physical Apprehension of Traffic Violations Scheme

     Citing the effectiveness in apprehending erring motorists in Metro Manila, the Metro Manila Council (MMC), the policy-making body of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), today approved the re-implementation of the no-physical contact apprehension of traffic violators.

     During its regular meeting in Makati City yesterday, the MMC has agreed to the adoption of the resolution in making the No Contact apprehension scheme permanent through the use of CCTVs, digital cameras and other technologies being used in capturing images.

     MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos noted that during the six-month implementation of the No Contact Policy along Commonwealth and Macapagal avenues, in 2011 the summons for motorists cited for traffic violations had flooded his desk.

     “There had been piles of summons regarding the violations caught with the No Contact Policy on my desk which proved its effectiveness,” Carlos said.

     Carlos added that the traffic violation receipt for the No Contact Policy had never been questioned before the courts.

     He said that the No Contact Policy has been shelved during the time of former MMDA chief Bayani Fernando because apprehended motorists have to first pay the fine before their side is heard during adjudication.

     “But with the new guidelines, we let the motorists to contest the violations,” Carlos said that all of the motorists who received the summons have not questioned apprehension.

     In an interview with reporters, Carlos said the No Contact Policy will not rid the streets and roads of the metropolis of traffic enforcers because there are still places that are not covered by CCTV cameras.

     The agency will install an additional 160 CCTV cameras in strategic areas in Metro Manila.

     The MMDA had previously implemented the No Contract Policy during Fernando’s time but was revived during the time of Francis Tolentino to catch over speeding motorists.

     The MMC, composed of Metro Manila mayors, said that the No Contact Policy is also aimed at preventing “graft and corruption or ‘kotong’” practice by unscrupulous traffic enforcers.

     The traffic scheme shall cover moving violations of erring drivers along major thoroughfares in Metro Manila, especially along Edsa and C-5.



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