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Metro Manila Flood Management Project Phase -1

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  • Mobile Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
    The Mobile Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), tagged as "Recyclable Mo, Palit Grocery Ko Project", shall complement the existing materials recovery efforts of the respective LGUs in Metro Manila. The concept will be a "commodity exchange or barter system" involving the residents of the barangays. The recyclable materials recovered by the Mobile MRF will be brought to accredited junkshop/recyclers which the MMDA/LGU/Barangay has collaborated with. As of date, the Mobile MRF was launched in two (2) local government units: Pateros and Makati. A total of 290 individuals participated in the Mobile MRF operations, with 3,243 kilograms of recyclable waste recovered.
  • Solid Waste Granulator and Brick-Making Facility 
    The Solid Waste Granulator and Brick-Making Facility is a unique waste processing technology that aims to prolong the service life of our existing landfills through volume redution of solid waste. Bio-wsate and plastic collected in the pumping stations will be used as raw materials which will then be converted into by-products such as bricks, eco-hollow blocks, eco-concrete barriers, and bio-waste compost materials. From April to August 2021, the facility has produced 8,296 pieces of bricks and 279 pieces of hollow blocks. In May, it has reached its highest diversion rate of 21%, equivalent 4.91m3 of wastes prevented from being sent to sanitary landfills.
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