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 Transparent Governance

Notice of Awards, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract (FY 2017)

A.  Supply of materials for fabrication, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of traffic Road Signages, traffic road facilities and the need request of Metro Manila Barangay's with approval of the City Mayors of Local Government Offices, other non-government Institution and for the maintenance of Public Parks, Mabuhay Lane Sign, Pink Line signs along Metro Manila including special events like EDSA People Power, State of the Nation Address (SONA) and etc.

B.  Supply and Delivery of Pick Up (Toyota)

C.  Supply and Delivery of five (5) units Generator trailers for 25 KVA Genset

D.  Supply and Delivery of one(1) Unit Ambulance

E.  Supply of labor and materials for General overhauling of Mitsubishi 4D33 engine

F.  Supply and delivery of various spare parts for Ferry Boat No. 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

G.  Supply and application of Refelctorized Thermoplastic Pavement Markings for the proposed Truck Lane along C.P. Garcia (C5) - South Super Highway to Bagong Ilog and vice versa and from Libis Fly-over to approach of Luzon Ave./Commonwealth Fly-Over and vice versa

H.  Supply and delivery of engine overhaul and parts needed of Pasig River Ferry Boat No. 10, 11, and 13

I.  Supply and delivery of one (1) lot Propeller 19" stainless BRAV48 18616A40 for the use of Ferry Boat No. 15

J.  Supply and delivery of materials for Manufacturing and installation of Refective International Traffic Road signs to maintain road safety of Motorist/pedestrians along major thoroughfares in Metro Manila

K.  Supply and delivery of various supplies and materials for the various repainting of equipment,pipings,fuel tanks and auxiliries of various Pumping Stations (JEM)

L.  Supply and delivery of one (1) unit Ambulance (Nissan)

M.  Supply and delivery of five (5) units of AUV (Toyota Quezon Avenue)

N.  Rental of five (5) Units Ten Wheeler Dumptruck

O.  Procurement of Road Safety Facilities (Concrete Barriers)

P.  Upgrading of Existing Elevator Units

Calendar of Events