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May 10, 2016

Two Bus Drivers Try to Contest Traffic Violation But Decided Against it After Seeing Video of Infraction 

     Like candidates for elective officials in the recent polls, erring motorists had no choice but to “concede” after seeing the video of their respective traffic violations.
      Two drivers of public utility buses (PUBs) tried to contest their respective traffic citations under the No Contact Apprehension Policy but decided against it after seeing the evidence of their infractions, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Emerson Carlos bared on Tuesday.
     Carlos said drivers of Solid North and Five Star bus companies decided not to question the traffic violation after viewing the video footage of their infraction.
       He said that both PUB drivers had unloaded and loaded passengers on prohibited areas along Edsa in Quezon City last week.
     “Nung nakita na nila ‘yung video (ng violation) eh ‘di na nagpunta sa Traffic Adjudication Board at dumiretso na sa redemption center at nagbayad ng penalty,” he said.
      Both drivers had been slapped with a P500 fine each, the Chairman said.
      He said it was the first time that drivers attempted to contest and question the traffic violation they are being cited for.
     Based on records, the MMDA’s No Contact Apprehension scheme has already cited a total of 6,528 violators as of May 10 since it was re-implemented last April 15.
    As this developed, the MMDA is exploring ways to facilitate the payment of the fines under the No Contact Policy with plans to partner with giant mall operators who have offered to open payment kiosks.
    Under the plan, drivers would pay the corresponding fine plus the minimum service charge at the payment centers.
    The No Contact Apprehension Policy was revived during the term of former MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino to cite over-speeding vehicles along major thoroughfares in the metropolis, especially along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.
    It has been refined by the current MMDA leadership of Chairman Emerson Carlos when it was re-implemented last April 15, giving motorists a chance to contest the traffic citation seven days upon receipt of a notice from the Agency.
    MMDA has conceptualized the No Contact Apprehension Policy primarily to instill discipline among drivers on the road for the latter to abide by the traffic rules and regulations.
    It also aims to prevent alleged corruption among traffic enforcers and help ease traffic buildup as physical contact between traffic personnel and erring drivers would be lessened.


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