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 Transparent Governance

Notice of Awards, Notice to Proceed, Resolution and Contract (FY2015)

A.  Supply and Delivery of two Units Inflatable boat, 6 man cap w/ accessories, two Outboard Motor and 12 pcs life vest (Als Marine Center Corporation)

B.  Supply and Delivery of Tent with siding for the enhancement of Disaster Response Capacity of Metro Manila (JASFAY Trading)

C.  Supply & Application of Reflectorized Thermoplastic Pavement Marking along Shaw Blvd from Kalentong to Pres CP Garcia Ave. (C5) and vice versa (Traffic Supplies and Construction Corp)

D.  Supply and Delivery of various supplies and materials for the repainting of San Andres Pumping Station

E.  Supply and Delivery of Motorcycle Accessories (Caloocan Sales)

F.  Supply and Delivery of Air Pac (6.9 pounds air tank) for Search and Rescue Operation (JASFAY)

G.  Supply and Delivery of various supplies and materials for the re-painting of Various Pumping Station

H.  Supply and Delivery of Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) (brand new)

I.  Supply and Delivery of Passenger/Cargo Van (brand new)

J.  Supply and Delivery of Passenger Van 26 seater (brand new)

K.  Supply and Delivery of Forty (40) pcs. Mountain Bike to be used for the Bike Lane Program - Traffic Discipline Office

L.  Supply and installation of electronic control module including labor, programming and calibration for Gen. # 1 and Gen. #2 of Taguig Pumping Station

M.  Supply and Delivery of various supplies and materials for the repainting of Tripa De Gallina Pumping Station

N.  Supply and delivery of various supplies and materials for the re-activation of 59 Double Arms and 105 Single Arms Street along Macapagal Blvd. in Parañaque

O.  Supply and Delivery of Materials for Repair/Rehabilitation of the Hulo Ferry Station (SEJAM General Enterprises)

P.  Supply and Delivery of 8,212 pcs. Plastic Barriers and 3,000 pcs Traffic Cones (TAI SON Industrial Corp.)

Q.  Supply and delivery of Plastic Road Barriers

R.  Supply and delivery of Five(5) Shoring sets for Search and Rescue Operations of the Public Safety Division (JASFAY Trading Corporation)

S.  Supply, delivery, cabling, installation, testing and commissioning of one (1) unit Brand new Detroit Diesel/MTU engine Generating set model (Kempal Construction and Supply Corp.)

T.  Supply and delivery of additional parts and labor for the rehabilitation of amphibious excavator-FE-AE-01 (Tri-Globe Transport Services and Trading Inc.)

U.  Proposed Balcony/Stage at MMDA Building (Biltwelt Construction Corporation)

V.  Design and Construction of Pedestrian Footbridge along Samson Road near UE, Caloocan City (Including Solar Powered Lightings)

W.  Rental for Audio-Visual Equipment & Services for the Project of "Earthquake Drill" - VideoSonic Corporate Communication, Inc.

X.  Supply and delivery of various Studio Equipment including labor and installation for the revival of MMDA AM Radio Station/Broadcast - ACCESS INTERNATIONAL

Y.  Design and Construction of Pedestrian Footbridge at Ninoy Aquino Ave., Pascor Drive, Parañaque City (including solar powered lightning)

Z.  Design and Construction of Pedestrian Footbridge at Mindanao Ave.- North Ave., Quezon City (including solar powered lightning)

Aa.  Supply and delivery of forty (40) units Motorcycle 650 cc - KSERVICO INCORPORATED

Bb.  Supply and delivery of Thermoplastic Paints and Materials for the use of Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, TEC

Cc.  Supply and delivery of two (2) units tow trucks - TRI-GLOBE

Dd.  Supply and delivery of Flower pots for walls for use at Ayala Tunnels, Shaw Blvd., Cubao Aurora and P. Tuazon underpass (NTP & Contract)

Ee. Supply and delivery of One(1) unit Generator 11,700 watts and one (1) unit Portable Generator 12,500 watts for immediate use of SWIPTS (NTP & Contract)

Ff. Contract and Notice to Proceed for Supply and delivery of Passenger Van, 4 cylinder, water cooled, Direct Injection Diesel, 16 seater with Dual Aircon, 2800 Piston Displacement

Gg. Supply and delivery of various furniture and fixtures for the Institute of Traffic Management (FREEPORT SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING CORP.)

Hh. Contract and Notice to Proceed for Supply and delivery of 16 units Rubber Boat and 150 pcs. Sleeping Tents for the enhancement of disaster response capacity of Metro Manila

Ii.  Supply and Delivery of Class A Container Van Twenty (20) Footer (MARELCO TRADING CORPORATION)

Jj.  Supply and Delivery of Earthquake Simulator Trailer (JASFAY TRADING CORPORATION)

Kk.  Contract for Relocation and Topographic Survey of 58 Hectares of MMDA Housing Project at Carmona, Cavite

Ll.  Contract for Consulting Services

Mm.  D.C. Sandil Construction & Realty Development Inc.

Nn.  Manila Vikings Boat Sales Incorporated

Oo.  CYLIX Technologies Incorporated

Pp.  Construction of Four (4) Storey MMDA Traffic Institute and Theatre (Phase II) located at Orense Street Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City)

Qq.  Upgrading of Pumping Station

Rr.  Design and Build / Rehabilitation / Upgrade of Pumping Stations

Ss.  Documents for Double Cab Pick-up

Tt.  Documents for the KPI Elevators

Uu.  Documents for the Supply and Delivery of Brand New Police Bike Motorcycle

Vv.  Development of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for Metro Manila

Ww.   Medical Services

Xx.  Notice of Award

Yy.  Purchase Order


Calendar of Events