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 Transparent Governance

I.     Agency's Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials

 A. Agency's Mandate

B. Directory

 C. MMDA Citizen's Charter (Vision, Mission)

 D. Quality Policy Statement

 E.Service Standards 

      E.1. Traffic Discipline Office

E.1.1. FY 2017


E.2.1. FY 2017

E.3. Solid Waste Management Office

E.2.1. FY 2017

 FCertificate of Compliance

F.1. Improvement on Citizens Charter For CY 2017

F.2. With Frontline Services

F.2.1. FY 2017

F.3. Transparency Seal Provision of the General Appropriations Act

F.3.1. FY 2014

F.3.2. FY 2013

F.3.3. FY 2012

G. Traffic Discipline Office Citizen's Charter

G.1.1. FY 2014

G.1.2  FY 2013

 H. Submission of SALN by MMDA Employees

H.1. FY 2014

H.2. FY 2013

 I.Anti-Red Tape Act

      I.1. FY 2016

      I.2. FY 2014

 I.3. FY 2013

J. HPSEPO Flowchart for Settlement of Administrative Fines/Penalties for Anti-Littering Law

Calendar of Events