Transparent Governance

X.     Accomplishment Report

A.  Performance Indicator and Performance targets of Bureaus / Delivery Units for FY 2013

B.  PBB MMDA Official Report 2012

C.  Executive Summary

C.1. FY 2016

C.1.1. 1st Semester

C.1.2. 1st Quarter

C.2. FY 2015

C.2.1. Annual

C.2.2. 3rd Quarter

C.2.3. 1st Semester

C.2.4. 1st Quarter

C.3. FY 2014

C.3.1. Annual

C.3.2. 3rd Quarter

C.3.3. 1st Semester

C.3.4. 1st Quarter

C.4. FY 2013

C.4.1. Annual

C.4.2. 3rd Quarter

C.4.3. 1st Semester

C.4.4. 1st Quarter

C.5. FY 2012

C.5.1. Annual

C.5.2. 3rd Quarter

C.5.3. 2nd Quarter

C.5.4. 1st Semester

C.6. FY 2011 (Annual)
C.7. FY 2010 (Annual)
C.8. FY 2009 (Annual)

D.  Accomplishment Report

D.1. FY 2012 (January to April)

D.2. FY 2011

E.  Management Accountability Report Card

E.1. FY 2015

   E.1.1. MARC - 1

   E.1.2. MARC - 2

E.2. FY 2014

   E.2.1. MARC - 1

   E.2.2. MARC - 2

E.3. FY 2013

   E.3.1. MARC - 1

   E.3.2. MARC - 2

Calendar of Events