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March 9, 2017 


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wishes to rectify recent news reports on the modified odd-even scheme.
MMDA will NOT implement the modified odd-even scheme that has been proposed during the last Metro Manila Council meeting held last Tuesday, as the said scheme has been deferred by the Metro Manila mayors.  The local chief executives instructed MMDA to conduct consultative dialogues regarding the proposal with various stakeholders and to revise said proposal, if necessary.

Aside from the modified odd-even scheme, MMDA, in its continued effort to find solutions to alleviate traffic congestion, has proposed three other vehicular volume reduction measures in the recent MMC meeting, all of which were approved.   They are as follows:

ØTransfer of the Southwest Integrated Provincial Terminal – expected to take out at least 1,000 buses off EDSA;
ØUniform Light Trucks Ban in Metro Manila – regulation of at least 3,000 light trucks during rush hours along EDSA and Shaw Boulevard; and,
ØExpansion of Roxas Boulevard / Baclaran (northbound) – clearing and regulation of illegal terminals and illegal parking so motorists can use additional lanes along the service road.
MMDA emphasizes that finding viable measures to address the traffic problem in Metro Manila is a continuous process and may entail drastic changes and deviation from the present norms.  The agency also appealed to the public for cooperation and understanding.


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