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February 24, 2017 

MMDA To Launch Family Zones in 5 LGUs

This Sunday the MMDA in partnership with participating local government units in Metro Manila is launching “Family Zones” in five cities. The family zones aim to provide citizens a respite from the daily stresses of urban life such as congestion and air pollution by promoting open spaces and streets where citizens can enjoy being outdoors.

The designated “family zones” build on the successes already seen in various cities which initiated car-less Sunday streets and provide regular programming in public spaces. It is important for people to have access to places they can walk, bike, and play with their families. Not every city has a park, so this is one way to integrate that opportunity in each locality and also allow people to explore other parts of the metro.

The first batch launching this Feb. 26 include Caloocan, Taguig, Navotas, Muntinlupa, and Pasig. Activities include biking, zumba, and bazaars.

The National Bicycle Organization will host a bike ride to visit the family zones including Taguig (BGC) and Muntinlupa (Muntinlupa Sports Complex, Muntinlupa Baywalk). The Firefly Brigade will host a bike ride to visit the family zones in Pasig (Emerald Ave and Rainforest Park) and Taguig (TLC Park, C-6 Baywalk). 

The MMDA will be putting up booths and materials related to the agency's anti-smoking and anti-littering campaigns. 

The goal as established under Resolution NO. 16-13 of the Metro Manila Council (MMC), MMDA’s policy-making body, is to encourage the designation of family zones in every LGU through local ordinances in support of such areas of convergence.

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