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February 22, 2017 

MMDA to Security Personnel: Don't Hold Traffic in Favor of Tenants, Customers

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) today reminded security personnel in commercial and residential districts in the metropolis that they do not have the authority to stop traffic on streets in favor of their tenants and customers.

MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said that only those deputized by the agency can direct traffic in their respective areas especially if this would affect traffic flow on major routes.

He stressed that security personnel should refrain from stopping traffic to allow their tenants or clients to enter or leave the establishments.

“Except in emergency cases, only deputized traffic personnel of the MMDA have the authority or right to manage and control the direction of traffic,” Orbos said.

MMDA, as well as the motoring public, have observed that many security personnel of business establishments are wantonly taking over the traffic chores of MMDA and its deputized traffic personnel to favor their clients and tenants.

This has resulted to traffic snarls and bottlenecks in nearby streets.

Orbos pointed out that the agency needs all the support and cooperation of every stakeholder to improve the traffic condition in Metro Manila.

 “We should all do our part to find solutions to the traffic problem,” he said.  

          Earlier, the MMDA reiterated that organizers of big and crowd-attracting events should inform and furnish the agency of their traffic management plan or proposal prior the holding of such activities.

The MMDA said this will allow the agency to make adjustments and deploy additional traffic enforcers to man and direct traffic flow around the immediate vicinity of the event venue to avoid the heavy buildup in the area.


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