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February 16, 2017 

MMDA Cracks Down on Jaywalkers

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) today reminded the motoring public especially drivers of public utility vehicles to drop off and pick up passengers on designated loading and unloading bays as the agency intensifies its crackdown on jaywalkers in the metropolis.

According to MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos, passengers who alight or ride on the middle of the road or on non-designated stops will be slapped with an anti-jaywalking violation.  “This bad habit can cause danger not only to themselves but also to others.  Passengers should learn to obey traffic rules and orderly line up to get on and get off PUVs at designated loading and unloading bays.”

Based on data from the MMDA’s Anti- Jaywalking Unit, a total of 2,211 violators have been apprehended from Jan. 1, 2017 up to Feb. 14, 2017. Of the figure, around 388 have settled their infractions with the MMDA, paying P500 fine each while a total of 1, 823 have unsettled penalties.

Violators have the option to pay the P500 fine or render a three-hour community service which is scheduled every last Friday of the month.

Further, MMDA will dispatch a bus to serve as a “mobile classroom” where violators will be given lectures by agency officers on road safety and traffic signs.

“Again, we want to remind the public that not following even the most basic and simplest traffic rules and regulations could trigger bottlenecks. If we truly want to improve the traffic situation in Metro Manila, we should comply with these regulations to keep the traffic moving.  Discipline is the key,” Orbos stressed.


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