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January 31, 2017 

MMDA Starts Meeting With Barangay Execs On Clearing, Anti-Illegal Parking Ops

To make barangay officials accountable in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of roads and sidewalks in their respective localities, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has started sitting down with them regarding the programs of the agency.

The MMDA began discussions with barangay officials in Metro Manila, initially engaging in dialogue the heads of Barangay Guadalupe in Makati City and Barangay Loyola Heights in Quezon City.

Among those matters discussed during the meetings were the sustained clearing operations of all road obstructions.

“It has been long established that local village officials’ cooperation and support for the undertakings and projects of the national government is essential to make it a success. We only have to engage them again and remind them of their responsibility to implement and sustain these programs,” said MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos.

Aside from the continuous clearing operations in their localities, Orbos said that barangay officials also agreed to write commercial establishments within their jurisdiction which are guilty of allowing vehicles to park illegally, particularly supermarkets and restaurants.

Loyola Heights barangay officials, led by Chairman Caesar Marquez, also reached a consensus to revoke the business permit it issued to establishments found violating road and traffic regulations, the MMDA official said. MMDA is expected to conduct similar dialogues and meetings with officials of at least three barangays per week.

Meanwhile, Chairman German Sunga of Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City committed to help the MMDA in the clearing of sidewalk vendors and illegally-parked vehicles particularly in the commercial areas.

“Holding them accountable for their inaction on such programs of national importance is only proper since they are ones on the ground who should safeguard the welfare of their constituents,” Orbos said.

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