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January 29, 2017 


As part of the ongoing efforts of the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (IACT) to improve the traffic condition in the metropolis, transport leaders have agreed to the establishment of public utility jeepney stops from Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and Espana Boulevard n Manila, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said.

During the meeting last Friday at the main office of MMDA, a member of IACT, MMDA and several jeepney transport leaders have agreed to set up jeepney stops initially in the Commonwealth-Espana corridor, according to MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos.

The MMDA official said the Commonwealth-Espana corridor has one of the heaviest concentrations of jeepneys in Metro Manila servicing mostly students and workers.

“We need to end the days of picking up / dropping off passengers anywhere,” Orbos said, noting that jeepney drivers pick up and drop off their passengers in any place along the route, which result to traffic snarl in the areas.

He said the project, which will hopefully have its first set of proof of concept jeepney stops, will not just provide convenience to passengers but will help in traffic decongestion and instill discipline among motorists and commuters as well.

In the same meeting attended by Zeny Maranan of Fejodap, Obet Martin of Pasang Masda, Orlando Marquez of LTOP, and Boy Vargas of Altodap, the parties also agreed that a technical working group will be formed in coordination with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the respective local government units to further study traffic and passenger flow and identify the location of the jeepney stops. They also indicated that their willingness to having these jeepney stops is proof of their confirmation to modernization and being attuned to present needs of the commuters.

Apart from the jeepney stop project, Orbos said that the agency will continue to coordinate and work with the LTFRB, local traffic enforcement groups of Manila and Quezon City for the continuous intensified clearing operations in the said areas to ensure an unimpeded flow of traffic and the route is free of any road obstruction.

LTFRB and all the 17 LGUs of Metro Manila are also members of IACT.

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