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January 26, 2017 

MMDA Traffic Enforcement to be Strengthened by Volunteers and Outsourced Personnel

    The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has sought help from various volunteer groups to complement the agency’s traffic enforcers and help in managing and directing traffic in the metropolis.
     MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said that the agency is already spreading its work force thin just to meet the requirements for field personnel on the major roads in Metro Manila.
     “We have coordinated with the several volunteer groups for the purpose of augmenting our traffic force,” Orbos said.
    He said the ideal number of traffic enforcers should be at least 5,000 to man and to manage traffic flow on these major thoroughfares but currently the agency could only afford to deploy around 2,300.
    Furthermore, MMDA is considering seeking assistance from the Armed Forces of the Philippines for its various operations due to high security risks involved. Such operations include clearing of illegal vendors which in the past has resulted to violent incidents where numerous agency personnel were hurt and even died after clash with resistant vendors in recent years.
   According to Orbos, fire volunteer groups also committed around 300 personnel for deployment during weekends, from Friday to Sunday, in strategic places in Metro Manila. The volunteers will operate under the direct supervision of the MMDA but will be at no cost to the government. Hence, costs related to equipment, vehicles, radio, and even uniform will be at the expense of the groups.
   All of the deputized traffic force multipliers will undergo training and will be supervised by senior traffic enforcers of the agency, he added.
     Late last year, MMDA also met with various motorcycle riders’ organizations which agreed to police their ranks, particularly in the use of the motorcycle lane and enforcement of various motorcycle-related rules such as wearing of proper attire and the headlights on at daytime policy, among others. Said motorcycle volunteer will be deployed within this quarter.
   “We are continuously conducting consultative meetings with various sectors to find stakeholder-specific solutions to traffic situation,” Orbos said.
      Further, the agency is planning to outsource the employment of around 500 traffic enforcers who shall be duly trained by MMDA prior to actual deployment. “We want this planned outsourcing to pose a challenge to our organic traffic personnel, perform well with integrity or lose your job.”

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