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January 22, 2017 


MMDA to Sue Truck Owners Involved in Mishaps Resulting to Property Damage and Traffic Congestion


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to file appropriate cases against the owner of the 18-wheeler trailer truck which fell on its side and caused traffic snarls on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City last Thursday.

The MMDA said it will file various cases with appropriate legal bodies to include negligence resulting to damage to property as well as push for the suspension of its LTFRB franchise against DV Lindo Construction, the registered owner of the truck, which was carrying two large steel containers.

The accident happened around past 3:00am of January 19 when the 18-wheeler truck, driven by Jorge de Asis, lost control and fell on its side, damaging the center island and lamp post on Commonwealth Avenue near the Philcoa area.

The accident caused traffic build up in the area for hours as authorities tried to clear the trailer truck which blocked two lanes of the eastbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue.

MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said agency personnel had difficulty taking the truck out of the road because the vehicle was too large for any of their equipment to handle.

“We don’t have the equipment to carry such heavy vehice from the site so it took hours before we cleared the area,” Orbos said.

The MMDA official added that the trailer truck should not have been delivering such heavy cargo because its road-worthiness is questionable.

“This incident will set in motion our action to pursue legal retribution against operators of vehicles specially cargo trucks which do damage to government properties and cause traffic congestion and much inconvenience to the public.”


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