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January 6, 2017 

MMFF Execom Bans “Oro” Producer, Director For A Year Over Dog-Killing Scene

     The Executive Committee (Execom) of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) today announced that it is banning for a year from joining the Festival the producers and director of the movie “Oro”, which sparked a controversy with the killing of a dog during its shooting.
     Members of the Execom decided to ban the film’s producers Felix Guerrero and Mark Shandii Bacolod and director Alvin Yapan after a closed-door meeting today.
    “Oro” initially won several awards, including Best Actress and Best Ensemble Cast Awards and the FPJ Excellence Award which was given by the family members of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. The FPJ Award was later recalled due to the controversy.
      During the meeting, the MMFF Execom also reiterated that it condemns any form of animal cruelty, stressing that one of the representatives of the film crew had led Execom members to believe that no animal was harmed during the filming of the movie.
      The controversy triggered by Oro was a scene where a dog was slaughtered and then eaten by some of the casts.
     The producers, in a meeting with MMFF Execom, later recalled their earlier representation made to MMFF Execom and affirmed the fact that a dog was killed during the filming.
     The MMFF Execom found that the crew had been dishonest and did not come out with real circumstances surrounding the controversy. The MMFF expects every participant through the whole process, including the selection, preview, and exhibition, to act with justice and observe honesty and good faith.

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