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Latest News

February 2017

MMDA to Security Personnel: Don’t Hold Traffic in Favor of Tenants, Customers

MMDA Reiterates Implementation of One Strike Policy to Erring Personnel

MMDA to Organizers, Establishments: Inform Us of Upcoming Events

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA to Start Deployment of Deputized Traffic Volunteers

MMDA Cracks Down on Jaywalkers

MMDA Opens Edsa-Mckinley Access Roads

“No Jeepney” in Edsa-Guadalupe Eases Traffic

DPWH to Conduct Weekend Road Reblocking

MMDA Continuously Cleanse Its Ranks of Erring Personnel

MMDA Meets With Truckers Group, Sets New Guideline

January 2017

MMDA Starts Meeting With Barangay Execs On Clearing, Anti-Illegal Parking Ops

Traffic Constable Manhandled by Bus, Conductor in Pasay City Over Traffic Violation

MMDA, Transport groups to set up Jeepney stops on Commonwealth-España Corridor

MMDA Extends Policy on No Weekday Sales and Nighttime Mall Deliveries for the Entire Year

MMDA Traffic Enforcement to be Strengthened by Volunteers and Outsourced Personnel

Fuel Delivery Trucks Now Exempted From Truck Ban on EDSA, NAIA

No Window Hours Policy Extended For 6 Months

MMDA to Sue Truck Owners Involved in Mishaps Resulting to Property Damage and Traffic Congestion

MMDA’s Zipper Lane Back to the Drawing Board; Other Measures Being Studied

MMDA Taps Its Support Units’ Personnel/Private Sector Volunteers for Traffic Deployment

Dry Run on Zipper Lane to Ease EDSA-Southbound Traffic Begins Friday

Press Statement

MMFF Execom Bans “Oro” Producer, Director For A Year Over Dog-Killing Scene

MMDA Bolsters Black Nazarene Preps, Special Pasig River Ferry And Gwapotel Feast Services

MMDA Suspends Number Coding for Provincial Buses Coming From Southern Luzon

2,000 Traffic Enforcers To Get New Hand-held Radio Phones

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